With a “no filter” attitude, Rose Marin embraces the perfection in the imperfection, through a signature of contrasts that break all boundaries of fashion swimwear.

    Fitting to different occasions and combinations, our exclusive design transcends mere beach lifestyle, reinventing a unique universe with a new way of seeing, thinking and living.

    Supporting an ideology, on a renewed sense of femininity and empowerment, Rose Marin’s universe is more than just a concept; it is a place where unique women belong, that boosts self-confidence, allowing them to remain free spirited to express their provocative sensuality and lead a less ordinary life, from sunset to sunrise.

    In every collection, we deliver a high-end beach lifestyle with an eclectic approach that reflects our effortlessly cool attitude, featuring bold collections that harmonize design and innovation, with special attention on details, exquisite selection of materials, soft cuts, unexpected features and color contrasts.

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